Aspiring writer from an English speaking country, living in a foreign land. Millennial. Left of centre but not partisan. Speaking from the parapet about past, present and future; life, the universe and everything.


Ethnogenesis, anthropology, ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, 20th century, modern trouble spots


Pro: Human Rights (and everything involved), free speech, welfare state, representative democracy, keynesian economics, universal healthcare, liberalism and Rojava.

AntiAutocracy, nationalism, neoconservativism, gun rights, marxism, neoliberal economics, identity politics and bureaucracy.


Expect critiques of any song, film, novel or non-fiction book which has piqued my interest.

I consider myself open minded and don’t mind if you disagree with my views. If it’s going to be a problem however, then best not read. I’m proud to allow an open and free comment section but with that said, hate speech, trolling and threats will not be tolerated, resulting in an immediate ban.

From the Parapet covers world issues I feel lacking coverage by mainstream media, historical tidbits, ethics, culture and my thoughts and opinions in short and easily digestible posts for casual reading. Contact me at fromtheparapet@gmail.com for inquiries.